Saturday 9.28.19

Part 1: The Throwdown


For time
25-20-15-10 Row cals
16-12-8-4 Burpee broad jumps (6'/4')

Additional Sanctional Volume: Sandy Grippy

A. Sandbag carry 300/200#; 50 feet AFAP x6; rest 45 sec
B. Sandbag over shoulder; max reps in 30 seconds x5; rest 60 seconds
800m farmers carry for time 70/53#

Coach’s Note:
Heavy sandbags: Do your best to lap it with good form and maintain your positions as you walk as fast as possible with the bag. If you don't feel confident at this weight, keep them as heavy as you can.
Light sandbag over shoulder: Work footwork and speed between reps.
Farmers walk: Maintain a walk and good posture. Take it max distance then once you get near failure drop it and keep rest times as minimal as possible and take the rest of it in small chunks as quickly as you can. The goal here isn't the best time, but to work your grip endurance so focus on training your grip moreso than "racing" your friends.


tttTD20 Scaled Version

For time
25-20-15-10 Row cals
16-12-8-4 Lateral burpees over erg