Saturday 9.7.19


4 rounds for time:
15 kipping HSPU
15 deadlifts (225/165#)
150 DUs
* 12 min cap


tttTD17 Scaled Version

4 rounds for time
10 pike position strict HSPU (feet on box or on the floor)
15 deadlifts (185/135#)
150 DUs

* See video above for coaches tips, workout evaluation, movement standards.


Part 2: Strongman

A. Yoke carry; 100 feet light and fast x2; rest 90 sec
B. Yoke carry; 50 feet moderate load and fast x2; rest 2 min
C. Yoke carry; 50 feet heavy x2; rest 3 min
D1. Sandbag over shoulder; 10 reps AFAP 150/100# x2; rest 30 sec
D2. HS walk obstacle course 50 feet x2; rest as needed
E1. Legless rope climb; 3 reps AFAP x2; rest 0 sec
E2. Heavy prowler push 100 feet x2; rest as needed

Coach’s Note:
Yokes: Increase weight as you go. Try to envision 3 different styles of tests that require different speeds with the yoke and ensure you approach them correctly. For the light and fast that obviously means you will have a little bit quicker of a set up time to get moving versus the heavy where you have to brace maximally and be ready for each step.
D: Move as fast as possible on the sandbag, then gain your composure in the 30 sec rest window and try to be precise with your handstand walk obstacle course. Set it up as a 25 foot course that you have to do unbroken and then come back through it in the opposite direction.
E: Push the pace of the rope climbs and use a prowler weight that is heavy but allows you to continue to push with grinding effort.