Saturday 8-3-19


Since we are at the CrossFit Games,
there will be NO throwdown episode this week.
Here is a qualifier style workout

6 min amrap:
4 squat clean 185/125#
8 lateral box jump overs 24/20"


6 min amrap:
4 squat clean 135/95#
8 lateral box jump overs 20/16"

Other Scaling Options:

Squat clean: Front squats, back squats, or goblet squats would be an alternative for those without front rack positions.
Box jump overs: If you cannot perform plyometrics or jumping, use 8/6 calories on the assault bike as an alternative movement.


For time:
1 mile true form/assault runner
2k row
100 cals assault bike
2k ski erg

Coach’s Note: These cyclical sessions are another type of test that is becoming more common at the sanctionals and games level. This session is a bit longer than the more sprint based cyclical tests we've seen at competitions like Dubai CrossFit Championships ("Acid Bath"), but it should help give you more exposure to pacing the cyclical machines tested in the sport.