Friday 9.27.19

Part 1: Lift & Lunge

A. Squat clean; 3 reps on the min for 10 min 225/155#
B. Two arm DB OH walking lunges; 50 feet x4; rest 2 min

* Coach’s note:
Clean and jerk: This should be tough, but manageable. The goal is for each one of these intervals to take less than 30 seconds. If you don't feel confident at this weight to get the reps done in that time frame, then consider scaling the weight down. Work on maintaining your positions under fatigue.
DB OH walking lunges: Positional focus here. These can be tough to move fast and find a good loading position. So work on being tight and moving as quickly as possible.

Part 2: Grippy EMOM

EMOM 10 min:
Odd- 30 sec max reps devil's press 50/35#
Even- 30 sec max reps bar muscle ups

* Coach’s note:
This is the same type of format as Tuesday's training session. The goal here is to accumulate as many reps as possible over the course of all intervals. You will likely see a bit of a drop off from set 1 to 5, but try to keep that as small as possible.

Part 3: ThreEMOM Variation

Load 50/35# for all movements
9 min EMOM:
1- 10 single arm DB OH squat
2- 10 single DB alternating step ups 24/20"
3- 6-10 DB Box Step-overs
9 min EMOM
1- 14 DB power Snatch
2- 14 DB Hang Clean and Jerk
3- 10 DB Power Clean
9 min EMOM
1- 25 foot OH walking lunge
2- 12 DB hang split snatch
3- 12 DB hang clean and split jerk

*Coach’s note:
Work movement speed and comfort with the dumbbells. Lots of variance and some progressions from last week's session that was similar format to this.

Additional Sanctional Volume: Easy Run

Run 30 min easy and continuous

*Coach’s note:
Easy training run to keep volume of running in your training program year round. Heart rate and effort should be moderate here.


Part 1: Strict MU Strength

A. False grip passive hangs; amsap x3; rest 60 sec
B1. False grip ring to chest isometric hold; 20 seconds x3; rest as needed
B2. False grip ring rows; amrap unbroken x3; rest as needed
B3. Ring support hold; amsap x3; rest as needed
B4. Parallete deficit push ups; 10 reps AFAP x3; rest as needed

Part 2: BB strength

A. Snatch; accumulate 2-3 singles @80+% 1rm; rest as needed
B. Clean and jerk; accumulate 2-3 singles @80+% 1rm; rest as needed
C. Back squat; 3x3; rest as needed

Part 3: Sprint Recovery Row

Row sprint 15 seconds @near max effort
row 45 seconds easy
Assault bike 5 min easy cool down