Wednesday 9.18.19

Part 1: CTB Repeat Capacity

20 sets of 5 UB CTB for time
* 8 min cap

* Coach’s note: This is one of our gymnastics tests that we will retest by the end of the training block. We are using this to determine people's ability to do unbroken sets of chest to bar pull ups and prepare for the open where chest to bars are frequently tested and ultimately athletes get to a point where the skill breaks down. If you are unable to do 5 reps unbroken, consider the scaled version with less reps or regular kipping pull ups.

Part 2: Vertical Pressing Endurance

For time:
30 S2O 115/85#
30 strict hspu
5 min cap
rest 5 min

* Coach’s note:
Now after an upper body pulling test, we are going to test upper body pressing. We are going to test this with a barbell and with a strict gymnastics component to test both barbell cycling and strict hspu while under fatigue. If you are unable to do 30 strict reps within that time window, then accumulate as many reps as posisble within the two 5 minute windows and treat them like amraps.

Part 3: BB/Gym

A1. Front squat; 3 reps x2-3; rest 90 sec
A2. TTB; 30 reps AFAP x2-3; rest 90 sec
A3. HS walk; 100 feet AFAP x2-3; rest as needed to full recovery
*3 min cap for both A2/A3

*Coach’s note:
Front squats: Same load across. Somewhere in the 75-90% range. This should be heavy enough to make you feel like you got a strength stimulus but not maximal effort strength work.
Gymnastics: Go as fast as you can and build volume and confidence with the skills you are likely to see come out in the open.

Additional Sanctional Volume: Gymnastics and Ski

A. Freestanding hs hold tech work 20 min
B. Handstand walk obstacle course tech work 10-20 min
2 rounds:
GHD sit ups; 50 reps AFAP
10 min ski erg @easy pace

*Coach’s note:
Continuing upon our theme of gymnastics from part 3 of today, we are going to have some other gymnastics skills trained for people preparing for sanctionals. A/B should be pretty straight forward; work on your positions, your speed, your hand balancing control, and feeling more confident in general on your hands.
For the GHD sit ups, perform each set of 50 as fast as you are confident doing, then for the ski erg get on it immediately at an easy pace and start moving. As you get a bit more recovered you can pick up the pace but don't go so fast here that you are effecting your recovery from the first set of GHD's. And ensure you do the ski erg after the second GHD's as well.


Part 1: CTB Repeat Capacity

Amrap sets of 3-5 unbroken CTB pull ups in 5 minutes

Part 2: Vertical Pressing Endurance

For time:
30 S2O 115/85#
30 strict hspu
* 5 min cap
** Sub options:
1- strict press @80% 1rm if you don’t have strict hspu
2- Kipping hspu

Part 3: BB/Gym

B1. Front squat; 3, 3; rest 90 sec
B2. 90 seconds max reps TTB x2; rest 90 sec
B3. HS shoulder taps; 20 reps x2; rest as needed to full recovery