Friday 10.11.19

RepeaTTT Group

Open workout 20.1

See Throwdown video for warm up, strategy, tips, and demo


One and Done Group


Cyclical Warm-up:

1 min row
1 min ski erg
1 min assault bike
1 min single under jump rope (play with footwork patterns)

Movement Warm-up:

A. Lizard Walk; 10 steps x2; rest as needed
B1. Band good mornings; 15 reps x2; rest 30 sec
B2. Lateral monster walks; 25 feet in both directions x2; rest 30 sec
C. Freestanding hs hold tech work 5 min
D. Single leg alternating toes to bar; 10 reps x2; rest as needed

Part 1: CNS Primer + EMOM

Specific Warm-up:

A. TnG power snatch; 3 reps @45/35#, 3 reps @65/55#, 3 reps @95/65#, 3 reps @115/85#
B1. Pike HSPU; 5 reps x3; rest 30 sec
B2. 30 double unders + 5 TTB x3; rest 30 sec


A. TnG Power snatch @115/85; 3.3.3x1-3 sets; rest 10 sec/rest 3 min
EMOM 12 min:
1- 5-10 strict hspu + 5-10 kipping hspu
2- 30-50 double unders
3- 10-15 TTB
4- rest


Power snatches: Goal here is to build some confidence and strength in the pattern for tomorrows workout. Try to be explosive and powerful here so that you feel more comfortable tomorrow to cycle the lighter barbell.
EMOM: These movements are just to touch open specific movements. The intensity of this EMOM should be less than seven out of ten effort and you should focus on crisp movement and fast speeds.

Part 2: Strategerie


1-3 sets:
4-8 power snatch 95/65
6-10 bar facing burpees
rest 1:1
2 rounds for time:
4-8 power snatch 95/65#
6-10 bar facing burpees


Use this as an opportunity to find your target pace for tomorrow’s workout. The workout is definitely going to be challenging and with two movements being repeated, you will likely have a fall off from set one to set ten, so instead of thinking about a linear pace, try to select an average pace and then plan a bit of a fall off as you go through the workout.

Part 3: Row, Row, Row your C2

Row 10 min easy cool down