Monday 8-5-19

Part 1: Strength

A. Power snatch; 1 rep on the 30 seconds for 20 reps @80% 1rm power snatch
B. Overhead squat; 5, 5, 5; rest 2 min

Part 2: Gymnastics/barbell volume

1 min max reps strict hspu
rest 30 sec
1 min max reps squat clean 205/145#
rest 30 sec
1 min max reps kipping hspu
rest 30 sec
1 min max reps front squat 205/145#
rest 5 min
x2 sets

Part 3: Core

C1. Hollow body hold; amsap x2-3; rest as needed
C2. Side plank; amsap x2-3/side; rest as needed
C3. Tuck ups; 20 reps x2-3; rest as needed
C4. Weighted back extensions; 12-15 reps + 30 sec unloaded sorensen hold x2-3; rest as needed
C5. Strict Toes to bar; amrap unbroken x2-3; rest as needed


Part 1: Strength

A. Power snatch; 1 rep on the 30 seconds for 10 reps @80% 1rm power snatch
B. Overhead squat; 5, 5; rest 2 min
C. Squat clean; 1 min max reps @65% 1rm; rest 3 min x2

Part 2: Gymnastics/barbell volume

D1. Strict hspu eccentrics; accumulate 6 reps as slow and controlled as possible x3; rest 10 sec
D2. Wall facing hs hold; 30 seconds x3; rest 10 sec
D3. 1 min max reps front squats @65% 1rm; rest as needed to full recovery x3

Part 3: Core

E1. Hollow body hold; amsap x1-2; rest as needed
E2. Side plank; amsap x1-2/side; rest as needed
E3. Tuck ups; 10-15 reps x1-2; rest as needed
E4. Weighted back extensions; 10-12 reps + 15 sec unloaded sorensen hold x1-2; rest as needed
E5. Strict Toes to bar; amrap unbroken x1-2; rest as needed


Part 4: Swim

Dryland Prep:
Swimmer Flow - 5min
200 Loosen-up
-Odd 25's = hip driven stroke
-Even 25's = 3-stroke glide (really focus on "throwing" your arm & shoulder forward on your glide stroke)
6 Sets:
10 Burpees
50 Kick @ easy recovery pace
45sec Rest
3 x 300 / 4min rest
#1-2 @ cruise pace (75-80%)
#3 @ strong pace (90-95%)
6 x 25 / rest as needed
Odd - 25 Underwater (go as far comfortably underwater as possible, don't push deep into discomfort)
Even - backstroke w/ focus on shoulder rotation

Coaches Notes

Part 1

Working primarily on strength capacity and the endurance of your positions related to the snatch in parts A/B in part 1. If you do not have a 1rm power snatch established, then select a load that makes it difficult to hit all 20 reps as power snatches, but not so difficult that you risk failing or are getting pushed into a full squat. If you get into this session and you realize you went too heavy, you have three options. 1- extend the work interval, 2- put a 2-3 minute rest in and jump back into the rep you were on, 3- lower the weight and keep moving on a 30 second window. Option 3 would be preferred to ensure you get more of a strength endurance stimulus. For the OHS, start at a heavy, but manageable weight, and increase weight each set striving to hit a 5rm for the day on the last lift.

Part 2

The goal of this interval structure is to get the maximum number of reps in each one of the 1 minutes segments in set 1. Do not save energy and pace for the second set of the workout, but within each 1 minute interval you can pace to get the best score. For example, with strict hspu, instead of starting out with an amrap set, you can break it up into small sets with quick breaks to maximize your score. Then after you complete all four movements and have your scores, take a five minute rest and try to match your scores from set one.

Part 3

The accessory work on the day is mid line focused. We're trying to ensure athletes following the DSGN have strong and stable cores with development of strength and control 360 degrees around the torso, so make sure you are mindful and deliberate with the strength of your brace and breathing during the accessory movements today.

Part 4

(1) This week we will integrate some mixed work into the GOLF progressions, this should feed two birds with one scone, capturing our efficiency work and mixed training in one space

(2) Conditioning session is a re-test from the original Competitor program so if you were enrolled then you should have data on this workout.