Saturday 10.12.19

One & Done Group

Open workout 20.1

See Throwdown video for warm up, demo, strategy, and tips.

RepeaTTT Group


Cyclical Warm-up:

4 rounds @warm up pace
Run 400m
15 air squats
10 in place lunges
5 ring rows

Movement Warm-up:

A1. Straight arm band pull downs; 15 reps x2; rest as needed
A2. Straight arm band pull aparts; 15 reps x2; rest as needed
A3. Hip band squats; 10 reps x2; rest as needed
A4. Standing single leg calf raises; 15 reps x2; rest as needed

Part 1

Specific Warm-up:

A1. Snatch balance; Building from empty bar to opening weight in <10 sets
A2. Front squat; Building from empty bar to opening weight in <10 sets


A. Snatch balance; 5 singles @80-90% 1rm snatch; rest 2 min
B. Front squat; 3x3; rest 2 min


Knowing you are going to repeat the workout on Monday, don’t push the strength work to maximal levels for the day. The goal for this five weeks is to maximize your open scores, but also not lose fitness as a result of obsessing over just those tests. So make sure you put as much effort into the strength work as you can, but also be mindful of your body and not trying to run yourself down for Monday’s repeat.

Part 2

Specific Warm-up:

5 muscle ups
50 double unders
12 thrusters
12 CTB pull ups
12 wall balls


EMOM 6 min:
Odd- 3-5 muscle ups
Even- 30-50 double unders
EMOM 6 min:
Odd- 6-12 thrusters 95/65#
even- 8-12 CTB
EMOM 3 min:
20 wall balls


Similar focus and effort as part 1. Select a number of reps per movement that is going to give you a good training stimulus, but don’t push your limits here so that you can put full focus into your repeat on Monday. However, as you are going through these movements, try to execute with speed and precision.

Part 3: Stretch, Cool, and Skill


Additional skill/strategy work for repeat 10-15 min
Stretching 10-15 min
Cool down 10-15 min


This last portion of the workout is self directed. If you need some extra work on your burpee footwork, your power snatch technique, video review, or anything that will help you out for 20.1, this is your time to dedicate to that. After you finish up that, just do some stretching and cool down work.