Once you are a paying member of the program you can request to follow our private IG page “TTTDSGN”.

Click here to request.***

*** To make sure we are accepting only paying members we have to be able to verify it’s actually you by matching your Name or Email.

On the off chance that this is hard for us to do (i.e. You use a nickname or different email) then just send an email and he will work with you to make sure you get approved.

We’re trying this as a tempory experiment for 8-weeks from July 1st - Aug 24th to see how everyone likes it. If everyone loves it we’ll likely continue with it into the future.

Once you have been approved, you will be able to see your workouts each day on IG.

And special to Instagram, each day we will indicate one section of the day’s training to be tracked leaderboard style in the IG comments. We’ll still ask that you post your full training results on the DSGN website, but this addition will allow us a fun and quick way to see a score/time for one part of the workout and to know where we all stack up.

Our on-site group follows the DSGN 1-week ahead, which will allow us to post some scores/times for you to see before you train and occasionally some videos of what they do.

And finally we hope to just build a better community by reposting some of our members videos while also making it easier for you to keep tabs on each other by following your friends in the program.